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How can l find the best mortgage deal?

It is essential that any existing or prospective landlord research their options before taking out a mortgage. Careful financial planning is one of the keys to successful property investment. The growth of the internet has made it easier to source the best mortgage deals. When choosing a mortgage the options are:

Dealing directly with a bank:
Some people feel more comfortable dealing with a bank or building society where they have an established relationship. Make sure that the rates you are being offered are competitive. Some financial institutions charge different rates to new and existing customers so don’t be afraid to negotiate rates with your bank.

Using a mortgage broker:
This is the other alternative option open to landlords. When choosing a mortgage broker check how many financial institutions they deal with. Some brokers only deal with a small number of banks and this can limit your choice and the mortgage value available.

Many web-sites now allow you to compare the rates available from various lenders.



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