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www.irishlandlord.com  was founded in 2008 by John Leahy. John is the author of the book ‘Renting in Ireland’ and is a regular media contributor on the rental market on both radio and television. He has written for many national publications including The Sunday Business Post.

He is also director of the Property Training Academy which is a leading provider of property training courses for estate agents and landlords. John is  a fully qualified estate agent and is licensed by the Property Services Regulatory Authority.

www.irishlandlord.com has grown to become much more than just a web-site.  The market has changed and irishlandlord.com has changed in response to the market. We started off small and have grown to become Irelands’ largest community of landlords.

We have grown from an information source to an organisation that represents the view of landlords. As well as providing the must up to date information for all aspects of being a landlord we meet with bodies such as the PRTB (now the RTB) on a regular basis to convey the views and concerns of landlords. We give landlords a voice.

We are now Ireland’s no 1 resource for landlords and you are not alone with your frustrations and concerns over how landlords are treated (especially with regards to taxation)

So sign up today and become a member of Ireland’s largest community of landlords. By paying a low cost membership fee you can ensure you have access to the latest information and updates and you can have your issues and concerns communicated by www.irishlandlord.com to the policy makers.

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