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Pinergy Smart Meter

PINERGY Smart for Landlords and Property Managers

What Is It ?
It’s a sim card based remote controlled device that permanently reads the electricity usage
> It’s installed for landlords and property managers at NO COST / NO CONTRACT

What Does It Do ?
It sends the electricity usage information to the landlord’s Pinergy Smart Portal where a full portfolio of properties can be viewed on a PC or on a mobile device

What Are The Benefits For The Landlord / Property Manager ?
> REDUCES ADMINISTRATION: No more meter readings, no more unpaid tenant bills or landlord bills
> REDUCES COSTS: Free electricity credit float to go towards electricity costs during vacant periods
> INCREASES REVENUE: Annual revenue stream paid by Pinergy to the landlord or property manager

What Are The Benefits For The Tenant ?
> Free Pinergy Smart APP: No more bills, flexible manual and automatic payment options, electricity usage information updated daily and the ability to compare electricity usage with similar households

> Free Pinergy Smart IHD (in home display) which uses a visual indicator dial on a LCD screen to display the real time electricity cost of using individual electrical appliances.

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