All the PRTB (now called RTB) information you need. Just click the relevant image below to go directly to that information.


Landlord Information


Videos outlining the role of the PRTB and how dispute tribunals operate.

rent increases

Rent Increases

The new rules around rent increases explained

Landlord Tax Calculator

Notice Calculator

Work out how much notice you must give a tenant based on how long they have been in the property.

landlord templates

Sample NOT

Template Notices of Termination for various circumstances where a landlord needs to terminate a tenancy

residential tenancies act

Changes to RTA

Coming Soon… Watch our short videos which explain key changes in the Residential Tenancies Act

PRTB Information

Evidence Required

All the information you need to know about the tax treatment of rental property all accessed from one easy to use page.

Landlord Information


Short answers to PRTB related questions

landlord information

PRTB Articles

More detailed information on various PRTB topics

landlord information

Inventory Template

A template Inventory of Contents – a key document for every tenancy

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