Residential Landlords Association


We give landlords a voice – We represent the views of landlords to key decision makers including the PRTB, Irish Water and Government Departments.

We present evidence and fact based arguments that seek to achieve a fairer legislative, regulatory and tax environment for landlords.

We are currently seeking:

A reform of the tax treatment of residential landlords in Ireland.

The Tax treatment of rental income is punitive and out of balance with other sectors of the Irish economy and other countries in the EU. The  punitive tax regime is one of the key drivers of the mass exodus of small landlords from the sector.

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A reform of the legislative framework governing the private rental sector  

Landlords now have to try to navigate and comply with numerous pieces of legislation. The Residential Tenancies Act is overly complex and makes understanding of the rules unnecessarily difficult for both landlords and tenants.

It is time to scope a new, modern and workable piece of legislation that meets the needs of all stakeholders in the private rented sector and reflects the current and future needs of the sector. The recent amendments were driven mostly by political and not market need. They were rushed through and the ill-conceived nature of many of the changes will benefit neither landlord nor tenant.

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